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Belevskiy marshmallow with cowberries - hand made (box)


Belevskiy marshmallow with cowberries is made using the basis of traditional recipe of merchant Ambrose Prokhorov. As in the distant 1888, only natural ingredients are used for its production: Antonovka apples, lingonberries, sugar and egg. Fluffy apples and ripe cranberries are first baked on copper baking trays in a stove. After cooling, the resulting apple-berry puree is mixed with whipped meringue. The result is an airy, fragrant and 100% natural pastille without preservatives, dyes and flavors. Packed in an environmentally friendly parchment and cardboard box.

Ingredients Apples, sugar, cowberries, eggwhite.
Nutrition Facts
Calories (per 100 gr.) 337 kcal
Proteins (in 100 gr.) 1
Fats (in 100 gr.) 0
Carbohydrates (in 100 gr.) 89
Product Details
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm. 17 x 8 x 4
Weight (in gr.) 200
Shelf life 4 months

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