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About Us

About Russian Candies Online Shop

The idea behind our shop lies in the fact that a lot of people from foreign countries have no idea about how good the typical Russian sweets are, especially the Soviet classics like "Alenka" chocolate, "Korovka" (Little Cow) candies or famous Soviet drinks like "Tarhun" or "Baikal" with their unique taste and flavour. So we decided to let the western customers discover the unique tastes and high quality of Russian sweets and drinks, as well as some other products, like more exotic gozinaki or halva.

As we located in Moscow, Russia, you can be sure that you'll receive only genuine Russian goods produced by local companies and not just "local brands" produced by International giants like Nestle. We carefully choose only the best local products for you, so we are sure that you won't be disappointed and will come back for more, and more, and more... ;)